We design projects and provide technical assistance in the field of European integration, international cooperation and business internationalization


Naxta combines different complementary experiences in designing projects and providing technical assistance in the fields of European integration, international cooperation and internationalisation.

We serve the needs of public authorities, territorial and economic development agencies, resource centres, business representative organisations wishing to strengthen and develop international activities.

Naxta develops and delivers project de- sign, technical assistance, project management and monitors opportunities within European and international development programmes. In the context of the European Union enlargement and of the increasingly more significant role of Community support for socio-economic development and cohesion, we aim to promote the European integration of public and semi-public bodies.

To achieve an efficient transfer of knowledge and practices we provide specialist technical assistance for international cooperation initiatives implemented by companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Furthermore, in the context of the ever more complex dynamics of a global market, we work to facilitate the process of internationalisation providing tools for promoting existing resources and identifying new potential opportunities.


Monitoring opportunities

Naxta constantly monitors existing opportunities with relation to socio-economic development funding and assistance, international procurement and calls. Together with our clients, we analyse theme-based strategies identifying the funding opportunities that best meet their needs.

We organise exploratory missions, conduct specific searches targeting international and community institutions and develop relevant market analyses.

Project design

Naxta has worked with the majority of EU instruments supporting in conceiving the most successful and appropriate project ideas in line with specific programmes objectives and guidelines. We draft application forms, contribute to the preparation of a sustainable action plans and calculate relative budgets. We care to define optimal dissemination strategies paving the way for suitable follow up and project continuation. Moreover, we coordinate and verifies the collection and submission of all administrative documents requested by the different programme procedures.

Project management

Naxta assists in the daily project management, overlooks timing and correct implementation of the work plan guaranteeing the realisation of described actions as well as the punctual achievement of all outputs and results.

We support and facilitate the coordination of successful project meetings and cover the role of communication manager in the organisation of conferences and other public events, web site preparation, activation of media at national and international level, drafting of newsletter and preparation of other dissemination materials.


Through our wide ranging network, we facilitate the creation of suitable partnerships and identify specific know-how and relevant practices among european institutions in various sectors and fields of competence.

We take in to charge all project accounting issues and guarantee the correct submission of financial and technical project reports in line with Programme rules, deadlines and formats. Naxta relates directly with Programme Officials Management Bodies.

Strenghtening institutional capacity

Naxta addresses to public institutions involved in the alignment to EU standards at all administrative levels.

Assistance includes inter-institutional and policy coordination, analysis and development of policies, elaboration of organisational and functional reviews, assessment and evaluation of structural reforms and related adjustments with procedural compliances (accreditation packages, gap-plugging, screenings).


We prepare, tutor and deliver training programmes on project design and preparation, Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework Approach, strategic planning and Cost-Benefit Analyses.

Tutoring also includes the organisation and management of study visits and secondments for public officers, aiming at transferring suitable instruments and relevant methodologies for the strengthening of institutional capacities.

Programming regional and local development

Naxta operates in coordination of structural and cohesion policies and instruments, formulation of strategies and policies for regional development, administrative decentralisation, economic cohesion, cross-border cooperation and interregional partnership. In line with mechanisms and procedures of EU funds we formulate SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analyses, strategic planning, operative programming, solutions for sustainable financial engineering.

We assist integrated and participatory local development through GOPP (Goal Oriented Project Planning) and EASW (European Awareness Scenario Workshop).

Public contracts

Naxta provides qualified legal advice to public and private entities on the legislation of public contracts at EU and national levels, including guidance about remedies' systems, information on EU Directives, suggestions on revision and alignment of secondary law.

To support our client institutions in increasing transparency and effectiveness of their systems, we follow models and practices based on state of the art case studies and up to date jurisprudence.

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More than 100 projects
around the world


Project Preparation Facility (PPF5)

Project Preparation Facility (PPF5)
Serbia / Belgrado

The project supports the identification of national priorities for IPA (Instrument for Pre Accession Assistance) co-funding providing assistance to SEIO (Serbian European Integration Office) and the line ministries on the formulation of sectorial objectives, priorities and measures for the annual and multiannual IPA 2014-2020 programming. Programme also provides assistance for the development of a comprehensive methodology for selection of strategically relevant infrastructure projects and designs and implements capacity building activities to strengthen institutional memory and capitalisation of knowledge.

Implementing World Class Clusters (C-PLUS)

Implementing World Class Clusters (C-PLUS)
Central Europe Area

C-PLUS aims at improving clusters to become world-class clusters. Clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialised suppliers, service providers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters arise because they increase the productivity with which companies can compete. C-PLUS reaches its main goal through: transnational co-operation exchanging knowledge, market intelligence, sharing access to research and testing facilities and developing new and better services to cluster firms, contributing to the creation of a common European research and innovation space.

Supporting the emergence and development of Civil Society in Libya

Supporting the emergence and development of Civil Society in Libya
Libya / Tripoli

The project aims at strengthening the planning and organisational capacities of local stakeholders in the field of economic and social development. Specific objective is to provide technical assistance for defin- ing objectives, methods and tools for implementing a strategic planning approach in selected Libyan mu- nicipalities. The following actions are foreseen: train- ing local partners and drafting of an action plan for a pilot Municipality (Zawia).


Italy / Parco del Delta del Po

The project aims at increasing and promoting slow tourist itineraries in Italian and Slovenian areas, par- ticularly involving the territories with naturalistic and environmental peculiarities. Besides the interven- tions of marketing, training, communication, the pro- ject organises real “Slow” points and structures eco- friendly tourist niche products, boosting the tourism potential of both countries.

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Francesco Natale

X Francesco Natale
Francesco has more than 20 years ‘experience in the preparation and management of EU co funded projects particularly supporting public and private actors defining financial plans in line with specific Programme’s regulations. He is also conversant with all cross border cooperation mechanisms and instruments having contributed to draft operative programmes and defining coordination and management structures, such as the design of specific roles and functions of Joint Technical Secretariats, Management Authorities and Contact Points. Experienced in local development policies and strategies, from 2012 onwards he is directly involved in a series of initiatives financed by the European Commission in Libya in order to facilitate the establishment of a local governance system in the newly established Municipalities.

Ruggero Tabossi

X Ruggero Tabossi
Ruggero has more than 20 years’ international experience in the management of technical assistance projects having covered the role of key expert or resident team leader. He has been in charge of managing capacity building and strengthening actions targeted to public institutions involved in the approximation to EU standards at both the central/national and local/regional administrative levels. He gained a deep knowledge of strategies and policies for regional development and, from 2009 he is involved in several projects concerning IPA (Instrument Pre Accession) programming in Western Balkan Countries and especially in Serbia.

Giulia Righetti

X Giulia Righetti
Giulia has developed an extensive knowledge of EU financing instruments both during the Programming period 2000-2006 and 2007-2013 supporting and coordinating partners and lead partners in the successful management of projects within the framework of various EU co funded programmes. Acting as the main technical counterpart of Programme Managing Authorities and Joint Technical Secretariats, she is experienced in reporting and monitoring on all technical and economic issues concerning projects implementation . She covers the role of Communication Manager assisting the correct and suitable dissemination of project results and the planning of follow up activities.

Tommaso Rovinelli

X Tommaso Rovinelli
Tommaso, MSC in Political Science, is junior project manager employed in several EU co funded initiatives involving many local (provincial) and regional Administrations. He provides comprehensive support in the daily management of projects assisting in the technical and administrative reporting, monitoring, administrative and financial issues, organisation and coordination of meetings and events and everything needed for the successful and timing implementation of all activities.

Giulia Pilia

X Giulia Pilia
Giulia, Business Developer, is in charge for the management and enlargement of Naxta’s network and for the analysis and monitoring of financial instruments. She holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and she is experienced in European development and integration issues. Her fields of expertise include energy security and analysis of EU policies directed to post-socialist and pre-accession countries. In the past she worked within two EU bodies (EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine and the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators) and she has been a short-term observer in several election observation missions including OSCE/ODIHR.

Francesco Natale
Ruggero Tabossi
Giulia Righetti
Tommaso Rovinelli
Giulia Pilia

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